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Fishing in Šilo
Šilo, island Krk

Fisherman stories are maybe just stories, but the experience of real fishing is something quite different, that is not just the story to be further told, but real adventure to be experienced. Fishing is not only the part of economy, but favorite entertainment and sport, but, first of all, the expertness.
Fishing in Silo

Within our programme of fishing along the Adriatic islands - island of Krk, you will be acquainted with fishing expertness at very source of it, being acquainted with people occupied with it traditionally.

You will see various ways of fishing, fishing accessories and equipment, you will learn how to prepare the bait, how to throw the fishnet and how to deal with long-line. You will learn all the flora and fauna of the Adriatic sea, specially varios kinds of fish.

Depends upon your fishing ability what kind of fish you'll have, either the anchovy, the sprat, or the mackerel, or for those luckier and handier, the dentex, the hake, or the John Dory. Specially exciting will be the nocturnal search for cuttle -fish.

And for those that will not catch anything, nevertheless will be prepaired delicious fish dinner.For the complete impression of the atmosphere, the accomodation will be provided for within the little fishing villages on the island such as Silo, Klimno, Soline, ...

So we wish you calm sea and packed nets!!!

Šilo is the yougest, but, as far as tourism is concerned, the most developed settlement in the municipality of Dobrinj. It is situated on the northeastern shore of the Island of Krk vis-a-vis the town of Crikvenica, which is not unsignificant when it comes to tourism, and has more than a couple of thousand inhabitants during the summer months.

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