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Šilo is the yougest, but, as far as tourism is concerned, the most developed settlement in the municipality of Dobrinj. It is situated on the northeastern shore of the Island of Krk vis-a-vis the town of Crikvenica, which is not unsignificant when it comes to tourism, and has more than a couple of thousand inhabitants during the summer months.

Today, Šilo is the largest settlement with the largest tradition in tourism and the largest maritime center of the municipality of Dobrinj. Šilo's wealths for tourism are its numerous, beautiful, sunny, and naturally preserved gravel beaches and coves, and the clear sea is what stands out the most. Šilo is the idea destination for a family holiday because it offers peace and quiet and numerous beaches, and guests can spend their free time with recreational facilities such as beach volleyball courts, tennis courts, football and basketball courts, bowling, table tennis and numerous sea-related activities – sailing, rowing, snorkling and scuba-diving...).

Silo, island Krk

Guests can also enjoy the entertainment program that the municipality of Dobrinj organizes throughout the entire summer in all its settlements (choir, klapa-choir and folklore performances, art exhibitions, workshops and animation for children, fish festivals...) and in the subseason and postseason guests can find entertainment in recreational mountain climbing on nearby walking trails, snorkling and scuba-diving or fishing. Except for the cove of Stipanjska, which is rich with many smaller beaches, some other beaches in the surrounding are also worth mentioning, especially if you're a boat owner, namely Čista, Glavat, Murvenica, Vodica... Šilo offers a beautiful view of the mainland, the towns Crikvenica, Selce and Novi Vindolski and, in the background, the mountains of Gorski Kotar, Kapela and Velebit..

Silo, island Krk


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